Monday, 9 January 2017

Time and again it has been proven that in all injury cases, be they sudden and traumatic due to accidents or due to prolonged exposure to hazards, the critical factor is establishment of its causation. Damage to property can be repaired easily, but injuries to human beings involves high cost and human suffering. Injury Forensics specializes in uncovering the factors that may have contributed to the injury and establishing of its causation. We use tested data and sound scientific principles to provide objective, thorough, unbiased and critical analytical opinion for excellent litigation support.

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Injury Forensics

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Is a high quality science based company that is engaged in the practice of investigating Causation of Injuries. Property damages are easily established but, injuries to humans are significantly more complex. Understanding their causation is the critical piece of evidence that determines the relationship of injuries to the incident or exposure in question. We draw upon biomechanics, tissue biomechanics, ergonomics, human factors, anatomy, histology and physiology to develop outstanding and conclusive reports based on the foregoing validated scientific information and relevant research in the area. Our reports are objective, factual fair and free from bias to provide excellent litigation support.